Refer Me Emergence

The Indian economy in the last 10 years has seen a splurge in the number of multinationals finding their bases in India. These companies, dominated by the IT services, have also brought in modern methods of hirings. These methods are predominantly of three types- External hirings, Internal hirings and through employees referrals. Of the three, employee referrals are the cheapest and the least time consuming for the companies. Referrals though, pose the problem on the supply side as most of the employees do not find suitable candidates who can be referred through them.
This is where Refer me fits in as a solution, not only to the job seekers but also to the employers. Refer me provides a unique platform where through its vast network of employee relations in the companies, it also guarantees job interviews to the candidates.  Candidates are sorted out on the basis of their profiles by an expert team and accordingly are referred to companies which are found suitable for them. The referrals are made through the vast network that has been established by Refer me. The job posting is not only restricted to the company but any employee can post the job openings on the website. This creates a win-win situation for the company, job seeker and the employee.
One unique feature of Refer me is its refund policy. The company, in a truly FedEx manner, promises that if a job seeker cannot be given a job interview which matches his skill sets in a duration of  3 months, the fees will be refunded.
Refer me is the brainchild of two graduates from M.S Ramaiah Institute of technology, namely Rashmi Nandan- an Electrical and Electronics engineer, Anirudh Rawat and supoorted by graduates from IIM indore Mohit Sital and Apurva Vema .
While the company started with its primary target market as people who have already worked, the previous year has seen the emergence of fresher hirings through referrals. This has opened a huge market for Refer me as approximately two lakh students graduate from colleges in Bangalore alone, where the company is currently based.  
This process of hiring is not only restricted to the IT industry, but is also prevalent in oil & petroleum, electrical, power and automobile industries. Global and Indian companies both are showing a great deal of growth in referral hirings. The top categories in which hirings occur are sales, engineering, customer support and marketing. The segment has tremendous potential for growth and with the unique solution that Refer me offers, the company is poised for great ventures and innovations ahead in time.